Blooms & Candies at Maris Farms

Maris Farms has opened its gates with its first event of the 2023 season – Baby Animals & Blooms. This event is set to take place over three weekends from April 29th to May 14th. The farm will host lots of activities for visitors of all ages, including a tulip field, animal areas, and play activities for kids. There is even a small Spring Farmer’s Market where visitors can purchase fresh produce and handmade goods.

One of the main attractions that draws crowds to Maris Farms is the giant Candy Cannon, which launches over 40 pounds of candy in the air twice a day at 12:30 PM and 4:30 PM. This has become a popular event for children, who are excited to watch the candy soar through the air and try to catch it.

Another popular attraction is the Bubble Station and also my favorite spot of the farm to photograph. The Bubble Station provides a unique experience for visitors to see their kids making massive soap bubbles. The adults are also having a blast and enjoy the activity as much as their kids.

For those who want to take a piece of Maris Farms home with them, the farm offers visitors the opportunity to cut their own tulips bouquet from the tulip field. It’s a fun activity that allows visitors to customize their bouquets and take home a unique souvenir.

Baby Animals & Blooms at Maris Farms is a must-visit for families looking to have a great time together.


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