A Street Fair in the U-District

The beautiful weather on the weekend of May 20-21 brought out a large crowd to University Ave (which is commonly called The Ave) for the U-District Street Fair. The street fair is a celebration of community, art and music and is packed into about 8 city blocks. Saturday was much warmer and sunnier and felt like elbow to elbow level of crowds at times.

This shows the large crowd gathering on the Ave.
The Ave is closed to vehicles during the weekend of the street fair.
This image shows live music with a crowd.
There is a stage for live music which had a wide assortment of performers throughout the weekend.

In addition to art and music, food is available from tents, booths, and trucks. This is your standard “fair food” – corn dogs and curly fries. I’ve always thought of this as the yearly introduction for many Seattleites to events that happen during the summer months.

The U-District is short for University of Washington and many locals simply call it “The U”. It represents the area in and around the campus and is fairly large. The street fair really feels like the city is attempting to solidify some brand recognition for one of it’s neighborhoods. I think this is a great thing because walking down the Ave feels like no other part of Seattle.

An image of a very large white dog.


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