The Fair Project So far

As fair season is winding down I find myself feeling a bit like it’s the temporary pause on a meaningful project that has taken me all over the western part of Washington. This isn’t the end of my work on the project – I see at least another year of collecting images. Until then, I wanted to share a little bit of the images and some of my thoughts thus far.

I’ve asked myself if a single photograph can be the catalyst for a project. I don’t know exactly where I land with this question, but I struggle to imagine pursuing this project without this image (above). I’ve gotten the question many times “why the fair?” and that is a complicated thing for me to answer. On the surface, there is this undeniable magic that takes place at the fair.

The way I see it, that “magic” comes from the fact that going to the fair is a very tactile experience. I’ve always felt this is a contrast to the large amount of screen time in my life – I don’t think I’m special here. At the fair, people show and (sometimes) sell their animals, eat greasy food, play a carnival game to win a huge prize, or ride a rickety carnival ride.

Thanks for sticking around with this blog post, and this blog in general. I’m keeping this post short and sweet, as I will continue to make small posts like this as my thoughts become more obvious to me.
Thank you.


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    I am a photographer living in Seattle Washington that is in love with photographing those fleeting surprise moments. I have always been a people watcher, and when I picked up a camera for the first time my natural inclination was to go out on the street and photograph people. I've always been attracted to photographing the emotions of people and the oftentimes absurd nature of the human experience. At this point I am becoming most interested in visual storytelling through documentary style photography. My current work involves documenting the people of Seattle - how they live, find excitement and resiliency in this city that feels equal parts anxiety and hope.

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