My name is Iustinian Popa, but I go by Justin. I’m a photographer living and wandering in the PNW. I’m very curious, and I enjoy watching people and their behavior in everyday life. The streets are the perfect place to observe. It’s always something there, in the streets, that only lasts one fraction of a moment, then it’s gone forever. Here is where I come in and try to steal that in a form of street photographs. Also, as Garry Winogrand said, “I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed”.

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Naturalization Ceremony in Seattle

This is the second year I have photographed the naturalization ceremony that takes place at...

Meet the lady that makes the Pike’s Place Market pretty in a unique way

I was strolling through a busy day at Pike’s Place Market when my attention was...

Blooms & Candies at Maris Farms

Maris Farms has opened its gates with its first event of the 2023 season –...
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