My name is Marcellus Bonow-Manier, and I’m a street and documentary photographer born, raised, and living in Seattle, WA.

I find Seattle to be a very unique place to photograph; the grit, bleakness, and sometimes brutalist feel of the streets make for an interesting juxtaposition against the sometimes culturally sterile and technocratic nature of the city. I find the sense of chance, serendipity, and endless outcomes very fascinating when it comes to the street. While I’m very drawn to the absurd, high energy, serendipity, and balletic nature of the street, I find that sometimes the quietest moments can become the loudest once a photograph is made.

My work is primarily focused on street; however, I’m also very interested in aesthetics and style. I’m starting a long-term project centered around fashion and street style which I’ll be delving into this year.  

Posts by Marcellus Bonow-Manier

Seattle Lunar New Year 2024

In Chinese tradition, the cabbage represents wealth and prosperity. During Lunar New Year, it’s customary...
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