Washington Spring Fair pt. 1

When you ask someone to picture the Washington State Fair, they generally picture the giant gathering that takes place in Puyallup for the entire month of September. Lesser known is the annual spring fair that takes place for a couple of weeks in April. This first weekend was very quiet, mostly due to the heavy rain. In spite of the weather, there were some interesting people to talk to and events to photograph.

Matt Barth (left) and his Alaskan Racing Pigs crew have been traveling around showing their racing pigs since 1987. He explained that the pigs are very competitive and there isn’t the same winner every time.

Inside one of the barns was a gentleman named Leon who had about a dozen piglets in a pen. The piglets were not his, “I’m doing this to help out a friend of mine down the road”. The aforementioned pigs were mostly asleep under warming lamps but Leon was excited to talk about the gestation period of pigs, their markings when they are born, the price of scones, ice cream, and inflation in general.

This is the first part in a series on the Spring Fair in Puyallup, WA.


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    I am a photographer living in Seattle Washington that is in love with photographing those fleeting surprise moments. I have always been a people watcher, and when I picked up a camera for the first time my natural inclination was to go out on the street and photograph people. I've always been attracted to photographing the emotions of people and the oftentimes absurd nature of the human experience. At this point I am becoming most interested in visual storytelling through documentary style photography. My current work involves documenting the people of Seattle - how they live, find excitement and resiliency in this city that feels equal parts anxiety and hope.

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  1. Excellent photos and I didn’t know about pig racing. Makes me really want to go there and see it. Thanks for sharing this!

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